Whenever a team is to register players, they must intimate the season if date is between 1st May and 30th June.

The number of currently registered players (approved and unapproved) for the given season must not exceed 22.

The system will validate each player to be registered in turn. The key dates for registering players under the regulations of SYFA are as follows:

  • 31st March deadline for the current season to be eligible to play in a cup competition To be eligible to play in a cup final the player must have been registered before the semi final tie
  • 1st to 31st May – currently registered player can sign for existing club for next season
  • 1st June – any player not already registered for the ensuing season can sign for one SYFA member club
  • 30th June – current season form lapses
  • 1st September all players registered on or after this date the club will require to pay a £2 registration fee

To expand, this means that for each season registration runs from 1st May in previous season through to 30th June in current season.  Players can be signed for participation in the current season up to 30th June.

An overlap of seasons will occur between 1st May and 30th June each year.  As previously stated, during the overlap period clubs will be required to indicate the season before proceeding to register players.  From 1st July to 30th April, the season will always be the current season.

In May, currently registered players can only be registered for their own club for the ensuing season.  Unregistered players can still be registered for the current season but any player registered after 1st April for the current season is not eligible to play in cup ties.  From 1st June, a player, registered or not in the current season, can be registered for any club for the ensuing season assuming they have not already been registered for the ensuing season. From 1st July, the new season begins and only unregistered players may be signed and registered.

In the case of a club signing a player of another club for the ensuing season, the form would be rejected if the date of entry is during the month of May. This complication can be avoided by using a separate registration process for a team’s existing players, leaving June as the only month where the club has to select the season.